Barefoot Marketing

 There’s nothing like marketing with your feet on the ground.

And on this spring day when the snow is still melting, the promise of new beginnings can be felt in the heart, sole (and soul).

One of the extraordinary things about living in a land of four seasons is that you feel them all. My favorite is spring. This is a time when everything is waking up. There’s an aliveness above and below ground that can be felt before being seen.

As the head of an advertising and marketing agency that works with businesses that effect positive change, the feeling of spring often comes at the launch of brand strategy. This foundational strategic work is like dark, rich soil planted with fat, luscious seeds that have yet to sprout.

The tender green shoots that do rise up are in the form of creative—websites, print and digital ads, direct response, media relations, logos, identities and more.

The art of advertising and marketing is much more than an office endeavor. It’s a practice that requires ongoing observation, exploration and the willingness to keep your feet on the ground in every business climate. Especially when the ground is wet, cold, slushy—and just waking up.



Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a global and mobile branding and advertising agency that specializes in working with businesses and organizations that are passionate about creating positive change in the world.


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