The Business of Loving our Warrior

While on Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara recently, I found my warrior. Reversed it. And loved it.

It seems only fitting that on this Valentine’s Day, I am loving our inner strength as business leaders. Our courage. Our warrior. And our power to do good.

As president and creative director of firefly180 marketing, a mobile and global marketing agency that works with businesses and organizations that effect positive change, I dance in the the power of love daily. Loving corporate missions. Loving customers. Loving creative.  Loving products. And loving great strategy.

To succeed in business, we need the strength of our warrior. But we also need its open-hearted reverse. Life is a delicate balance. So is work. Too much pushing results in exhaustion and creative fatigue.  Opening and allowing, replenishes us. Nourishes those places deep within that need re-charging. And creates space to allow new ideas and opportunities to flow.

Business is the most powerful force for change on the planet. And I love how that empowers us all.

Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a global and mobile branding and advertising agency that specializes in working with businesses and organizations that are passionate about creating positive change in the world.