Yoga Marketing

Like many, I began my yoga practice in my basement with the help of Yodney Yee DVDs and videos. It was convenient, it was meaningful and it was incredibly beneficial.

Today, I practice in a studio where I continue to explore the rich depths of yoga. And as a marketer with a long history of working with wellness companies, wellness marketing and wellness promotion, it is not surprising that one of my favorite clients is Yoga Alliance—the largest professional yoga organization in the world. I’m working with Yoga Alliance not only on developing new messaging strategy, yoga marketing and yoga advertising—but an entire brand evolution.

Evolving a brand is much like the practice of yoga—which is to unite body, mind and spirit. Because all good brands at their core are the embodiment of the physical, the emotional and the intellectual. Just like all of us. That said, branding is less an intellectual excercise and more about exploring our own humanity.