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I’ve worked in the progressive space for 20 years building brands and creating advertising campaigns for renewable energy, the indy press, organic, yoga, wellness and social change initiatives. I’ve worked in big firms. And I’ve worked in mid-size advertising agencies. But when I launched firefly180 marketing, I was extremely intentional about three things:

1) My team and I would create strong brands and messaging that empowered consumers to make positive change in their lives and the world.

2) Our work would drive financial and quantifiable results for our clients.

3) I would create a sustainable, low-carbon-footprint model with all the benefit of the best advertising agencies, but without the typical, expensive and often wasteful overhead.

My virtual advertising agency model is an idea who’s time has come. It works. It’s seamless. It’s effective. And it’s green. My geothermal, climate-change-fighting office is planted among native grasses and wildflowers near the banks of a protected scenic river, but I travel daily to meet with my team in cities like NYC, Boulder, Houston, Boston and L.A.

The beauty is of course, I don’t have to leave my office. And neither do they. We’ve created the precursor to Star Trek transporter technology—instantly beaming ourselves through the universe to explore, connect and create. Yesterday I traveled to India to meet with a potential client. The resulting carbon footprint? Zero. Quality of the experience? Immeasurable.

Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a branding and advertising agency that specializes in LOHAS marketing, wellness marketing, green marketing and renewable energy marketing.

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