Living & Marketing on the Edge.

Life is about balance. It’s also about finding your edge. And walking it.

It’s about moving into the unknown. Dancing in the mystery. And being willing to sit in the still of creation until the spirit begins to move. As a advertising and marketing creative director, I am called to create again and again.

Each time is a leap of faith. A catapult into the unknown. Words and strategies come forward in much the same way as art emerges  from stone when a sculptor reveals art simply waiting to awaken.

There is freedom in creation. And joy. There are brand essences waiting to express themselves. Culture shifting to take place. Social and environmental movements to be born. People to reach. Audiences to educate and activate.

So find your edge. Run its length. Dance in its mystery. And  catapult your brand into the fire of creation. There you’ll find passion. Purpose. And profit for both your business and soul.


Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a global and mobile branding and advertising agency that specializes in working with businesses and organizations that are passionate about creating positive change in the world.







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  1. I love this Firefly! you create what you are living.. you live what you create… You are as expansive as the moon and the stars! YOU are amazing.. thank you for bringing my business to life for me..
    All who enter into your creative marketing for their business will also be grateful !
    Love to you my dear.

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