Marketing that sparks change.


Lisa ProctorWe are made of light.

Scientists trace our origins to star dust. So why should our brands be anything less than brilliant?

My agency, firefly180 marketing, was founded with the passion to build brands that spark change. And we’ve done exactly that. Working with clients that include Target, Jack Johnson, David Rockefeller, Jr. and more,  we are honored to uncover the light within new and existing brands. We shape it. Amplify it. Then radiate possibility and purpose in the form of text, images, colors, typography, websites, social media, public relations and events. 

Business is an extraordinary force for change. And marketing can be a power for good. All you need is intention. And the knowing that the light within us is a mirror for the light that surrounds us.


Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a global and mobile branding and advertising agency that specializes in working with businesses and organizations that are passionate about creating positive change in the world.



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