People v. State of Illusion—seeing is believing. Or is it?

Sanskrit teachings dating back 5,000 years tell us that life is an illusion. So if all is an illusion. We have the opportunity to perceive  whatever illusion we’re living as either very, very good…or a prison of our own making.

Austin Vickers, a former trial attorney and now documentary filmmaker, is presenting just that case in his film People v  the State of Illusion. Playing this weekend in Minneapolis and St. Paul and sponsored by the Continuum Center,this film explores the frontiers of neuroscience, the nature of reality and our infinite capacity to imagine the kind of life we want to live into. “Imagination” Vickers says, “Is one of our few renewable resources.”

As the head of a progressive advertising and marketing agency that specializes in working with clients who create positive change in the world, my team and I get paid for our ability to engage our imaginations. To see beyond lines that have already been drawn. To discover new color and life in images and words. And to uncover powerful ways of engaging hearts and minds. Fortunately for us, when it comes to imagination, there truly is an infinite supply.

Imagination opens doors to different ways of thinking. And new ways of connecting with each other. In our world of instant communication, the internet has become a neuro inner-net, working like the brain to transform thought into action. It’s become a gateway for acts as ordinary as purchasing a package of peanuts—to as extraordinary as bringing  millions together in peaceful protest.

Whether through neuro-wiring or electric, we are all connected. The way we perceive the world is a choice. The illusion is believing all that we think we see.

I think you’ll love this film. So go see for yourself!


Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a Minneapolis-based branding and advertising agency that specializes in LOHAS marketing, wellness marketing, green marketing and renewable energy marketing.




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