Bluebirds, Winter & Marketing Moments.

Today at my office, the temperature with windchill is -25 F. When temperatures drop this low, the sky becomes bluer. More crystalline. And the snow on  the path to my office squeaks as I take each step. It’s almost as if the cold gives the snow permission to sing on days like this.Such is the song of bluebirds of happiness. They’re found everywhere. On cold days. On busy days. Even here in my office. It’s these moments where my dog Cleo, CHO  (Chief Happiness Officer)  interrupts the tapping of my keyboard for a quick hug.

As president and creative director for a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in working with clients that effect positive change in the world, I am especially attuned to happiness. I also know that happiness sells. And why wouldn’t it? It’s something we all aspire to—yet is often overlooked when we step out of what’s present—and wish instead for something different.

As marketers, happiness is also a communications strategy. As consumers, we’re hardwired to buy products and services that make us FEEL GOOD. Fortunately for me and my team, we are incredibly fortunate to work with social change marketing, organic promotions, culture shifters, change agents, yoga marketing and more—all of which are pure goodness to their core.

They beauty for me at firefly180 marketing, is that ads, radio, posters, websites, social media…and every messaging channel in-between is an opportunity to connect with the desire for consumers to feel good. Do good. And to look good.

Thanks goodness for businesses and organizations that are changing the world for the better. And better yet, thank goodness for bluebirds that can be found even when temperatures dip to -25.

Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a Minneapolis-based branding and advertising agency that specializes in LOHAS marketing, wellness marketing, green marketing and renewable energy marketing.