Turning up the Green in Marketing


Is it possible to be too green? Never! And now that summer is in full bloom it’s the perfect time to revisit green marketing.

Forbes ran a cover story in 1990 announcing that we were then ushering in the, “Decade of the Environment.” Since then, green marketing has taken a lot of heat…and for good reason. Early on, many companies looked to green marketing as a trendy way to charge a premium—and tell well…less than the whole truth. The greenwashing that resulted, created mistrust for many consumers. Times have changed. Today, our social media culture demands complete transparency. And that’s a good thing.

Truth telling is very much at the heart of green marketing. As a leader in green marketing, LOHAS marketing (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability), mission based marketing and as one of the first marketers in the U.S. to specialize in this category, I urge my clients to fearless position themselves in a way that peels back as many layers as possible.

There is perfection in imperfection.There is a balance in our personal and professional green paths. We can continue moving forward by not taking ourselves too seriously (even laughing at ourselves) while we always come back to our purpose, our passion and our sincere desire to be the change we seek.


Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a Minneapolis-based branding and advertising agency that specializes in LOHAS marketing, wellness marketing, green marketing and renewable energy marketing.



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