When it comes to life and marketing—bigger is better.

I discovered the Great Pumpkin—in Big Sur of all places. It was the Holy Grail of goodness. The bigger than life and better-than-I-could-dream-up, live it and love it grand slam. And in this week of treats; this is no trick. Like Charlie Brown on his pumpkin patch quest, marketers and brand strategists like me are always on a lookout for concepts and creative that are  bigger, bolder and a bazillion times better than anything that’s been done before. So are our clients.

And like a needle in a haystack,we find them. Not by searching, but by feeling for that moment when our hearts open. Our heads engage. And our stomach does flip-flops. Much is said about the strategic side of marketing. But the truth is, that it all comes down to feeling. To connecting. And creating a visual and verbal language that bridges brands with audiences.

 And whether that means launching new wellness brands, culture-shifting campaigns, organic food companies—or an entire array of businesses that  make the  world a better place; at firefly18o, we build brands that spark change. Like the candles that will sit at the center of pumpkins this week, each of us as businesses is a light.

Together, our efforts and intentions create brilliance.

Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a Minneapolis-based branding and advertising agency that specializes in LOHAS marketing, wellness marketing, green marketing and renewable energy marketing.

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