When Marketing Brings Healing

Can wellness marketing bring healing? When your message aligns it can.

That’s definitely the case with our client Spring Forest Qigong. Their upcoming wellness conference is about awakening, healing and  empowering women. Our marketing effort is designed to inspire action, but also to create financial wellness that supports the organization. That’s a win-win. A closed loop. The perfection of reciprocity.

Like a breath—on our inhale, we breathe in oxygen. On the exhale we breathe out carbon dioxide. The CO2 is in turn absorbed by trees and transformed back into oxygen. The cycle begins again.

As a head of a green advertising agency near Minneapolis, it is such an honor to create marketing that is much about doing well as it is about doing good. Our organic industry work, social change communication, yoga studio marketing and passion for green energy effects change. And in times like these, change is good.

Lisa Proctor is the president and creative director of firefly180 marketing—a branding and advertising agency that specializes in LOHAS marketing, wellness marketing, green marketing and renewable energy marketing

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